In the initial weeks of the pandemic, most organizations were in survival mode; however, as the weeks have now stretched into months, companies should be considering if and how these sudden shifts are having an impact on culture— and ultimately, their compliance program.

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Post-COVID-19, many companies have adopted new working practices which have impacted organizational culture. Further, culture is at the forefront of many regulators’ minds, including the DOJ and SEC in the United States and the FCA in the United Kingdom; they want to know what the organization is doing, how it’s being done and whether it is working.

Data to measure culture and cultural shifts already exists in most companies. Valerie Charles and Emilia Drozda explain how to unlock its insights.

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Valerie Charles

Valerie C. Charles

Valerie Charles, a Partner with StoneTurn, has more than a decade of experience in advising and defending companies under investigation, as well as those focused on implementing and improving their […]

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Emilia Drozda

Emilia Drozda, a Director with StoneTurn, is an experienced forensic accountant and investigator. She focuses on complex corporate dispute resolution, financial investigations and compliance monitoring. Emilia has extensive experience in […]

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