In 2004, StoneTurn’s co-founders had a vision for a firm that could meet clients’ demand for experts who value collaboration, prefer hands-on client service and invest in long-term relationships, as well as provide a platform for professional growth, interesting and challenging opportunities and, at the same time, allow for a healthy work / life balance.

Since then, the firm has steadily grown across the U.S., as well as in the U.K. and Germany. Today, our senior team includes former international public accounting firm partners, attorneys, and public and private sector alumni.

“We knew we could create a firm that would focus on our people first and foremost—and provide the opportunity and encouragement for the personal and professional growth of each of us, together, as a cohesive group.”

– Simon Platt, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman

We are proud to say we have gained the trust of the world’s leading law firms; nearly a third of the Fortune 500; and federal, state and local government agencies. As we continue to grow and evolve as an organization, we remain committed to building trust in our clients and providing value at every turn.

Meet Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer, joined StoneTurn in 2004. Throughout his tenure, he has helped lead and nurture the firm’s strategy and culture. With nearly two decades of forensic accounting experience, Brad advises companies and their counsel on complex financial, accounting, valuation, and compliance matters.

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Meet Christopher Martinez

Christopher Martinez, a co-founder of StoneTurn and the firm’s Co-Chairman, has more than 25 years of experience in intellectual property (“IP”) damages quantification, intellectual asset licensing and complex financial modeling.

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Meet Simon Platt

Simon Platt co-founded StoneTurn in 2004, and is the firm’s Co-Chairman. He has led and been involved in many accounting and financial disclosure-related investigations on behalf of Audit and Special Committees of Boards of Directors.

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Meet StoneTurn’s Partners

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