Turn to us for sector expertise.

In addition to extensive expertise in disputes, intellectual property, valuation, compliance & monitoring, forensic technology and data analytics, our professionals bring significant industry experience across a range of sectors.

Here, we highlight specific industries in which we bring particular expertise. Our professionals have also served in executive roles in many of these sectors and bring a unique perspective to the issues companies and their counsel face.


Driverless cars. Total connectivity. Heightened regulatory standards. The automotive industry is rapidly evolving to keep pace with the latest technology and increasing scrutiny by government agencies around the world.

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The construction industry is rife with challenges that have been magnified as the world has come out of the pandemic.

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Environmental volatility. Declining growth in consumer demand. Increased global focus on anti-corruption. Energy companies face regulatory, financial and economic pressures in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

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Financial Services

Economic uncertainty. Whistleblower allegations. Complex disputes. The financial services industry in a post-crisis world continues to face investigations, litigation and valuation challenges amidst ever-changing regulatory compliance standards.

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Changing policies and marketplaces. Pricing pressures. Increased regulatory scrutiny. Healthcare organizations face unprecedented challenges in an evolving and uncertain regulatory landscape, an economic model shifting to meet consumer needs, and decreased financial stability.

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Law Enforcement Transformation: The New Blue

Public outcry for reform. Significant media scrutiny. A growing political divide. Lack of safety for citizens and police. The stakes are high and the need to restore trust in the police departments that protect and serve thousands of communities across the U.S. is more pressing than ever before.

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Private Equity

Post-acquisition disputes. Increasing compliance expectations. Growing anti-corruption risks. Private equity firms and their portfolio companies are struggling to balance the rising costs of compliance against expectations among investors accustomed to hefty returns of the past, along with the increasing costs of litigation surrounding purchase price and other post-acquisition disputes.

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Retail & Consumer Goods

Store closures. Slumping sales. Advancements in technology elevating consumer expectations. The retail industry is undergoing transformation from a traditional brick-and-mortar model to an online-driven landscape that is introducing significant challenges.

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Rising cybersecurity risks. Significant advancements at a rapid pace. Global competition for intellectual property ownership. Technology companies today must continually innovate to stay ahead of both security risks and their competitors, while legally protecting assets.

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Explosive growth in connectivity. Increased pressure on infrastructure to move larger amounts of data faster. Uncertain regulatory landscape resulting from an uptick in consolidation. Mobile devices have become the primary device consumers depend upon.

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