Modern Slavery Act Statement

StoneTurn is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in our business operations. This statement is made in accordance with Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and outlines our actions to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and within our own business during the year ending 31 December 2023.

About Us

StoneTurn, a global professional services firm, works with law firms, corporations, and government agencies in solving the most complex and consequential business issues. We employ approximately 200 people and serve our clients from offices across five continents.

Our Supply Chain

As a professional services firm, the most sizable portion of our supply chain consists of independent consultants and subcontractors. These consultants and subcontractors are likely to be professionally qualified and at negligible risk of Modern Slavery due to the nature of our business and the services we provide.

We also procure a relatively small amount of consumables and other services, as necessary. Supplier selection is conducted by skilled, qualified professionals who are responsible for reviewing supplier reputation and supplier performance.

Our Policies

StoneTurn Group has a zero-tolerance policy for modern slavery and human trafficking. We are committed to ensuring that there is no slavery, servitude, human trafficking, or forced or compulsory labor in our supply chains or any part of our business.

We have the following measures in place to address modern slavery risk:

  • All StoneTurn employees are responsible for understanding and adhering to the firm’s Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct states our zero-tolerance approach towards human trafficking and modern slavery. It also includes requirements for honest and fair dealing such as anti-bribery and corruption and a respectful workplace such as workplace safety, anti-harassment, and discrimination.
  • Our recruitment process ensures our people are skilled, qualified professionals and are not sourced from vulnerable groups where slavery is a risk.
  • We encourage all our people to report any concerns they may have, including concerns about potential slavery or human trafficking. We have several available reporting channels in place including an Anonymous Ethics Helpline. We will not tolerate any retaliation against those who raise concerns in good faith.
  • Because the risk landscape can evolve, we regularly conduct risk assessments to identify compliance risks and update our mitigation strategies as needed.
  • We provide training to our people raising awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking amongst our employees.

We are committed to continually assessing and improving our practices to ensure there is no human trafficking or modern slavery in our business or supply chains.

This statement was approved by a committee of StoneTurn Partners and is signed by Brad Wilson, Managing Partner.

Brad Wilson,
Managing Partner

StoneTurn Group
Date:   06/17/2024