Regulatory uncertainty. Heightened government scrutiny. New anti-corruption risks. Unexpected whistleblower allegations. Complex internal investigations. The financial services industry, in a post-crisis world, continues to face new compliance and legal challenges amidst an ever-changing landscape.

StoneTurn works across the financial services sector—banks, broker-dealers, asset managers (including hedge funds, mutual funds and private equity), insurance companies and FinTech companies—to help our clients manage risks, respond to regulatory inquiries, and investigate alleged fraud and misconduct.

StoneTurn brings a unique perspective to financial services compliance. Our professionals possess decades of compliance experience working for and with financial services clients around the world.

Our senior team includes:

  • Former Big Four National Forensics Practice Leaders;
  • Former Chief Accountant for the SEC Division of Enforcement;
  • A former bank CEO;
  • Senior legal, compliance and audit executives at major financial institutions, who had regional and global responsibility for internal investigations, anti-bribery and corruption, managing integrity hotlines and internal monitoring;
  • Former regulatory and law enforcement professionals;
  • Certified Public Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners; and
  • The government-appointed monitors and forensic advisers to the monitors of large financial services institutions.

Acting as trusted advisers, we work alongside you and your team to achieve the best outcome. Many of our professionals have served in corporate roles and share your perspective. We bring deep expertise in corporate decision making and the interrelationship between corporate functions. Our team also includes former regulators and prosecutors who understand the government’s focus. We are highly experienced at communicating and collaborating with regulatory agencies to help achieve fair and objective outcomes in government investigations.

Turn to us for a complete perspective on the business of financial services.


How We Help

Investigate & Evaluate

Anti-Corruption Investigations

Government investigations and enforcement actions of corruption continue to rise. In addition to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the U.K. Bribery Act, other countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America have recently passed anti-corruption laws and enforce them vigorously. Our deeply experienced professionals have helped companies around the world to address the complex issues surrounding anti-corruption risk management, internal controls, compliance and training. In addition, we conduct robust investigations of allegations or “red flags” indicating non-compliance.

Internal Investigations

Our professionals have experience in conducting internal investigations at financial services companies, including allegations raised by whistleblowers and concerns raised by regulators. We have conducted hundreds of internal reviews covering a wide range of topics including, anti-bribery and corruption, AML, trading, and third-party misconduct.  Our investigators have the unique experience to not only investigate what happened but also evaluate the controls failures that led to possible misconduct.

Government Inquiries & Regulatory Exams

When you receive a subpoena or other government-issued requests for data, our forensic professionals who specialize in accounting, data analytics and technology, quickly review the data, and help carefully evaluate and understand it in order to present it to regulators. We are also experienced in preparing for and guiding companies through regulatory exams and responses.

Identify & Assess

Compliance & Risk Assessments

StoneTurn assists companies and counsel to identify and mitigate risks related to customers, employees, and third parties; test compliance controls; and prevent recurrence of misconduct by identifying root causes and implementing corrective measures. We are particularly experienced in evaluating and improving anti-bribery and corruption programs.

Transaction Monitoring

We also help companies to evaluate, develop and implement preventive and detective controls, and transaction monitoring programs. Through the integration of established benchmarks and predictive analytics, StoneTurn’s experts help create customized programs specific to each client’s needs and the relevant data sources available, such as trading, ERM and accounting systems.

Valuation Services

The pricing of illiquid assets have increased levels of risk with respect to consistent and accurate valuation, making them subject to pricing manipulation, inaccurate or misleading performance measurement, and miscalculated potentially unsupported management fees. StoneTurn and its experts can assess pricing methodologies for reasonableness and consistency, analyze pricing for variability, outliers, and other indicators of risk, as well as review operational processes, internal controls and training governing pricing procedures.

Remediate & Monitor

StoneTurn’s professionals have earned credibility from regulators and frequently assist clients in responding to government inquiries. Our Compliance & Monitoring team has worked with organizations to remediate compliance programs after misconduct is discovered and to establish effective internal controls to ensure wrongdoing does not recur. We also serve as a court- or government-appointed monitor to oversee and assess remediation efforts.