Complex business, economic and litigation issues are often unraveled through the assistance of academic luminaries with deep subject matter expertise.

To assist our clients, StoneTurn’s senior practitioners have reached into their vast pool of well-respected, like-minded thought leaders to hand-pick Academic Affiliates— renowned experts with stellar reputations who are prolific authors, researchers, and innovators. Most of these Affiliates have extensive testimonial experience and deep subject matter expertise in litigation matters involving a wide range of issues including antitrust, securities, finance, valuation, intellectual property, energy, and ESG. Some have testified before the U.S. Senate and global triers of fact. Several have received multiple awards and grants from the likes of the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Like StoneTurn’s staff, all of our Academic Affiliates share common traits: they value collaboration; prefer “hands-on” problem-solving; and seek to build genuine and long-term trusted relationships. Together, ‘StoneTurners’ and our growing network of Academic Affiliates function as a single, seamlessly integrated team.

To learn more about becoming a StoneTurn Academic Affiliate, please contact Dr. Atanu Saha.