Tristan Cecala

Tristan Cecala, a Managing Director with StoneTurn, is experienced in providing forensic accounting and dispute consulting services. Specifically, he focuses on breach of contract claims, post-acquisition disputes, regulatory issues within the financial services industry and shareholder disputes.

He has also provided support to counsel on corporate investigations involving fraud and embezzlement, potential False Claims Act (“FCA”) violations and various other types of financial statement manipulation.

His litigation experience includes quantifying economic damages, preparing expert reports, pre-trial analyses and assisting counsel in deposition and testimony preparation.

Tristan has worked with clients across various industries such as financial services, real estate, healthcare, consumer business, and higher education, among others.

Turn to Tristan

One characteristic of StoneTurn that sets the firm apart is its creative and flexible approach to solving problems.

Tristan Cecala

Q: StoneTurn is known for being collaborative. Describe for us how the firm is able to work so seamlessly with clients and as colleagues.


StoneTurn views the services we provide to clients as anything but transactional.  We take time to genuinely understand all the challenges our clients face, not just those that directly relate to our deliverables.  For example, we closely collaborate with trial teams in preparing for, and navigating through, complex and extensive trials or arbitration proceedings.  We work as part of the legal team to offer accessible and responsive assistance on a variety of issues that arise over the course of a proceeding.

Q: What do you believe sets StoneTurn apart?


One characteristic of StoneTurn that sets the firm apart is its creative and flexible approach to solving problems.  Rather than apply a predetermined framework to our engagements, we tailor our strategy and methodologies to address the unique facts and circumstances.  Our engagement leaders consistently support the discussion of alternative approaches and abstract thinking to determine the best solution to the problem at hand.

Q: Why is the culture at StoneTurn so important to you?


StoneTurn’s culture is paramount to its ongoing success. A defining characteristic is the degree to which it operates as a “people-first” firm.  Our leaders devote significant attention to fostering an environment that promotes collaboration and camaraderie.  The result is engagement teams that work exceptionally well together, which helps our professionals to remain goal-oriented and flexible, while delivering on tight deadlines in high-pressure situations.

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