Conducting business activities across borders is more complicated than ever. Organizations must prepare for multifaceted sanctions, embargoes, tariffs, and trade policies in various countries and their localities. Global supply chains continue to evolve and become more complex. Related regulatory scrutiny and government enforcement actions will likely increase to their highest levels.

Multinational organizations face significant challenges as they navigate today’s global trade landscape. Import and export controls, economic sanctions, identification and handling of restricted parties, and local and global anti-corruption laws have made seamless trade even more risky and difficult.

StoneTurn brings a team of on-demand experts to simplify these complex global trade challenges. We leverage our experience serving as in-house compliance officers and legal counsel to conduct targeted risk assessments that consider industry and company-specific needs. Using innovative, business-centric solutions, we develop and adjust practical internal controls to appropriately enhance compliance with dynamic customs, export controls and economic sanctions requirements. Whatever the context, our professionals work collaboratively with you and draw upon extensive experience negotiating with regulators and serving as government-appointed monitors to help you unravel the complexities of global trade.

In addition, StoneTurn offers a range of complimentary services in data analytics, investigations, national security and CFIUS compliance, monitoring and enhanced due diligence to serve as a global business partner.

How We Help


Risk Assessments, Control Tests, and Gap Analyses

Whether as part of a new program design, or as a key element of an existing program, StoneTurn experts conduct risk assessments, test internal controls, and perform gap analyses aimed at identifying opportunities for updates or enhancements to an organization’s global trade controls. We flag potential vulnerabilities in customs, export controls, licensing and economic sanctions practices, and supply chain and third-party risk management. In addition, our professionals regularly develop and deliver training on these compliance topics, in a practical, customized format and language that fits your needs.

Due Diligence

In today’s highly scrutinized global marketplace, knowing your business partners is essential. Our investigative researchers perform thorough due diligence by speaking with sources on the ground or, by reviewing public and proprietary databases to deliver findings that enable clients to evaluate risk and make informed, timely decisions.

Licensing and Related Controls

With up-to-date, hands-on experience, StoneTurn experts point out regulatory requirements and potential deficiencies to help clients translate best practices into actionable operational guidance. We will assist in identifying classifications and jurisdiction and, as needed, complete and file commodity jurisdiction requests and commodity classification requests. Our team will determine if license exceptions are available or if licenses are required and, as needed, will help complete and submit applications. Together, we will also design and implement practical controls to cover license exception requirements or resulting license conditions.


Investigations and Internal Audits

StoneTurn’s risks and controls, forensic accounting, investigative and data analytics experts respond to and investigate alleged misconduct by or against an organization. Our investigative team of former federal prosecutors and law enforcement professionals are well versed in conducting discreet internal investigations without disrupting day-to-day operations. Besides forensic accounting reviews and risk assessments, we regularly conduct employee and witness interviews, perform site visits, and surveillance, as needed.

Build and Enhance

Compliance Program Design, Implementation, and Enhancement

Whether you need to create and implement a new program or understand where your compliance program is today, StoneTurn works with companies to design and integrate effective and efficient policies, procedures, and systems that make sense. Our experts use their hands-on knowledge to develop the appropriate customized, measured approach for your company, incorporating controls that account for how the laws treat your products, technology, and services. With tactics and materials tailored to your needs, we can help mitigate third-party legal, business, and reputation risks; test compliance controls; and potentially reduce compliance issues or prevent recurrence, by identifying root causes and implementing corrective measures. We also provide training on a wide range of global trade control issues, which is customized to your organization’s needs.


Regulatory Inquiries and Government Enforcement Actions

StoneTurn’s subject-matter experts, trained investigators, forensic accountants and data analytics specialists investigate compliance anomalies and allegations of misconduct. We work alongside in-house legal and compliance teams and outside counsel to identify potential compliance gaps, administrative regulatory issues, and criminal activity, and provide an appropriate response to government agencies. As needed, we oversee agreed on or mandated remediation, and assist in creating controls designed to mitigate reoccurrence of underlying issues.