As the world transitions to a net zero emissions economy, businesses and financial institutions are working to reduce their emissions in line with climate science. In today’s environment, StoneTurn serves as a trusted adviser for organizations looking to reach their environmental goals or exploring the feasibility and cost/benefits of pursuing them.

StoneTurn offers executives, sustainability directors and management teams the expertise to develop goals, climate strategy, implementation tactics and a compliance program focused on climate policies, energy conservation, reduction in waste and pollutants, and protecting natural resources. We help companies, governments, policy makers and clean energy providers understand what it takes to reach their decarbonization and sustainability goals and plot a path forward.

NetZero infographic

With expertise in energy, carbon emissions, change management, data science and analytics, monitoring and investigations, StoneTurn provides independent insights and advice to help companies meet the environmental aspects of their ESG goals.

How We Help

Turn to us to achieve environmental goals and validate disclosures regarding efforts to go Net Zero.


  • Sustainability Strategic Plans
  • Climate Action Plans
  • Benefit-cost assessments
  • Verification and validation


  • Greenhouse Gas Inventories
  • Independent verification and validation
  • Disclosure reviews and defense