The successful delivery of critical programs and projects is a key driver of growth and profitability for all organizations. It is essential to align and optimize project management process, controls and technology while accessing data for risk management and real-time decision making at all organizational levels to ensure the success of these programs and projects.

StoneTurn’s Construction & Real Estate team provides construction process and technology optimization and adoption services that include assessment, development and implementation of construction management methodologies, processes and technologies to increase performance and ensure consistent and successful delivery of programs and projects. StoneTurn’s services ensure that investments in new technologies and strategic initiatives result in maximum value to your organization.

How We Help

Performance Assessments

Are repeatable program and project management methodologies, processes and controls consistently utilized within your organization?

How We Help
• Assessment of program and project management capabilities, processes, controls and technologies
• Identification of targeted and value-add changes to program and project management methodologies, delivery models, processes and technology

Process & Technology Adoption

Are your methodologies, processes, tools, and organizational structures designed and utilized to provide maximum value to your organization?

How We Help
• Capital program and project management organizational design and restructuring
• Assessment and optimization of methodologies, processes, and tools
• Execution of strategic initiatives to increase organizational process and technology adoption

Technology Implementation & Analytics

Are you leveraging consistent and relevant data to proactively manage project costs, schedules, and risks?

How We Help
• Program and project management technology assessment, selection, implementation and optimization
• Analytics and project data optimization