Businesses are generating vast amounts of data across a growing number of locations at a rapid pace. The importance of data privacy, collection and analysis efforts is escalating on corporate agendas. Managing volumes of information presents complex challenges. More and more corporate executives and attorneys recognize the value of leveraging available data.

While data can be used to measure operational efficiencies, it can also be used to prove or disprove facts in legal disputes and investigations, to identify financial reporting issues, as well as to measure the effectiveness of ethics and compliance programs. The best outcomes are achieved when there is a clear strategy for how to align the data with specific objectives. Data-driven analyses provide a factual basis to draw qualitative conclusions and defend business decisions and activities.

StoneTurn analyzes complex financial, accounting and business data; creates dynamic visual models; and extracts key insights to assist companies and counsel in litigation, investigations, and compliance and monitoring matters.

How We Help

StoneTurn’s Data Science & Analytics team works to identify and collect large, complex sets of data to test and present actionable conclusions:


Collect and Integrate

StoneTurn’s data science & analytics experts collect and assimilate data from disparate sources (e.g., proprietary and counterparty; public and private; legacy and active) and translate questions into action items.

Simplify Large Databases

Through the application of dynamic modeling, StoneTurn analyzes large and complex databases to highlight important summary characteristics, create visual representations and bring focus to key areas of interest.

Narrow the Search

StoneTurn helps companies narrow the scope of their search for outlier transactions to accelerate the review process of large amounts of data.


Identify Data Trends

StoneTurn helps companies to identify data anomalies of business trends that are indicative of potential misconduct, as well as quantify any resulting economic damages in various disputes.

Transaction Monitoring

StoneTurn helps companies to develop, test and improve internal controls designed to prevent and detect fraud and misconduct using data analytics.


Prove or Disprove Facts and Quantify Damages in Disputes

Our professionals present data analyses to support conclusions, damages quantifications and action plans in a clear, concise and visually-compelling manner.

Provide Data-Driven Analytics to Regulators

Government agencies are increasingly calling upon companies to present data-driven facts to prove the effectiveness of their corporate compliance programs. StoneTurn leverages data to develop fact-based assessments for regulators.