Increasingly complex disputes that play out across jurisdictions around the world. Shifting economic and political landscapes. High standards of testimony and evidence required by courts and tribunals. In today’s global business environment, sophisticated investigative skills are required to support legal teams with intelligence that informs a winning case strategy.

StoneTurn’s collaborative and responsive global team works seamlessly with magic circle, white shoe and boutique law firms, GCs, barristers/QCs and their clients on highly sensitive legal proceedings. We leverage first-hand insights into challenging jurisdictions, broad in-house language capabilities, and a proprietary network of sources to deliver intelligence that is critical in high-stakes litigation, arbitration, investigations and other complex business disputes.

Our highly experienced team—located in major business centers such as London, New York and Washington, DC—brings in-depth experience in the collection of information and offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary support.

Turn to us to:
• Investigate counterparties in a dispute to inform the legal strategy
• Support negotiation and communication strategies in disputes
• Provide in-depth targeted intelligence on individuals
• Gather evidence and identify witnesses
• Conduct intelligence-led, multi-jurisdictional investigations to trace assets
• Analysis and assessment of open source and public record material

How We Help

Pre-Litigation Support

StoneTurn professionals provide legal teams with comprehensive support in evidence and intelligence gathering; witness identification; data reviews; and strategic communications negotiation and messaging.

Trial Support

StoneTurn works to profile witnesses and better arm legal teams with critical information that can be used to build case strategy and questioning.

Post-Litigation Support

Utilizing a network of outside sources, we gather in-depth information regarding assets or other business interests that may not be evident through open source or public record research. We act on behalf of clients to identify, recover and attach assets around the world, as well as to determine where assets may have been seized or frozen.

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