Kristof Wabl, a Partner with StoneTurn, brings close to 20 years of experience advising multinational organizations in combating white-collar crime 

He began his career with the Federal Ministry of Justice in Austria and is an expert in ethics & compliance and matters involving bribery, corruption, and financial crime. Kristof’s leadership in conducting prominent investigations is underscored by extensive collaboration with global law firms, regulatory bodies, and law enforcement agencies.  

Prior to joining StoneTurn, Kristof worked for 14 years at PwC in Vienna and New York. Whilst in Austria, he built and led the firm’s Forensic and Crisis practice.  

Kristof is an expert at helping companies prepare for, respond to, and emerge stronger from unplanned events, helping them to navigate the crisis and strengthen resilience. He draws upon his background in law as well as experience managing cross-border assignments throughout Europe and the U.S. to serve as a trusted adviser to businesses across a wide range of industries. His advisory role extends to regulatory agencies and global organisations offering insights on compliance and whistleblowing strategies to help mitigate fraud and corruption risks. Specifically, Kristof assists organisations that seek to understand where their vulnerabilities lie and provides proven guidance in managing risks related to fraud, corruption, and other forms of misconduct. 

In addition to his work with StoneTurn, Kristof is a member of the Board for the Austrian Chapter of Transparency International (TI) where he leads the task force focused on Whistleblowing, a post he has held for nearly a decade. Through his advocacy, Kristof promotes best practices and raises awareness for issues related to whistleblowing, through strategic communications, panel discussions and guideline publications. 

Since 2018, Kristof has been a co-publisher for Compliance Praxis, a quarterly magazine by LexisNexis. In 2024, Kristof’s multifaceted expertise continues to drive impactful contributions to the field of white-collar crime prevention and compliance. He is fluent in German, English, and Dutch.


an Exceptional Expert in Financier Worldwide Magazine's 2023 Power Players report on Sanctions and Financial Crime