Alan Ratliff

Alan Ratliff has more than 25 years of experience in client service and was StoneTurn’s first lateral partner, opening the firm’s Houston office in 2005.

Alan advises attorneys and their clients on the economic-related, accounting and valuation issues in disputes and investigations, as well as in various transactions including the valuation, commercialization, and licensing of intellectual assets.

Alan was recognized as one of 22 “Highly Recommended” economic experts based on client and peer surveys in IAM’s Patent 1000. According to their 2016 and 2017 surveys, clients recognize Alan has “superb knowledge and skills…knows the commercial value of intellectual property and how to measure it precisely. A former lawyer, he also understands how evidence needs to be developed to satisfy legal criteria in patent disputes; he works fluently with legal professionals and drafts logical, well-structured reports. In a recent infringement case, client ISOLA was awarded the exact damages” to which he testified in Court.  As a “forensic accounting, economics and valuation expert” who “prepares five-star expert reports and, moreover, is phenomenally good in court…he lays out his logic early and is very confident, meaning he holds up superbly under tough cross-examination,…knows how to present damages arguments in a rational way that lay people can understand and…resonates with juries.” Alan is also an AV Preeminent-rated attorney by Martindale Hubble.

Over the course of his career, Alan’s client service experience has included stints in public accounting’s “Big Eight”; as a law clerk to a U.S. Court of Appeals judge; an attorney in an NLJ top 20 law firm; and now, for more than 15 years, as a financial forensic consultant and expert witness. Alan has conducted accounting investigations, served as a court-appointed special master and arbitrator, and as a party-appointed contractual auditor. He has also served as a testifying expert witness at 50 trials and arbitrations for both plaintiffs and defendants in disputes ranging from M&A transactions to patent infringement, breach of international contracts to breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriation and fraud, and toxic torts to business torts, among other complex commercial disputes.

As a multi-disciplinary professional who has served clients across more than two dozen major industries, he brings a unique and comprehensive approach to solving clients’ problems. Among other things, Alan has served as a special master in an international contract dispute involving billions of dollars in sales in nine countries to which he and a team of 20 traveled over a six-month period. His work resulted in a 1,000-page report that was ultimately accepted without objection by both parties and the Court. He served as a sole arbitrator and co-arbitrator in disputes involving M&A transactions, intellectual property and exclusive supply contracts, conducted domestic and international license and royalty audits, negotiated and supported the negotiation of license agreements and settlement agreements, advised counsel on FTC reverse payment, federal court antitrust, and state court monopsony disputes, and served clients in wide-ranging complex commercial disputes, including individuals and universities, as well as dozens of Fortune500 companies working with more than 50 NLJ250 law firms.

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StoneTurn’s cultural emphasis on collaboration and transparency carries over to our work with clients, and results in real answers to real problems.

Alan Ratliff

Q: Why is StoneTurn’s culture so important to you?


What attracted me to StoneTurn a dozen years ago is what keeps me here today: a culture prioritizing people first. In the beginning, the StoneTurn culture was primarily defined by modest hopes and dreams—knowing what we didn’t want to be and do, heavily influenced by our common experience at our prior firms. As we began to grow from a start-up to full-service firm, our approach to culture soon evolved, with the focus shifting to creating an optimal platform for professional growth, work / life balance, and interesting and challenging client service opportunities. The firm expanded over the next decade by focusing on eight core values that emphasize outstanding client service, transparency, collaboration, strategic growth (and not just growth for growth’s sake), professional development, professional satisfaction, financial success, and a “smart, but fun” approach to our work. Today, with more than 100 professionals based in 10 cities in the U.S. and London, we are adding new service lines annually, and adapting to the next round of cultural challenges with the most talented and experienced team in our history. The best is yet to come.

Q: What do you believe sets StoneTurn apart?


StoneTurn’s cultural emphasis on collaboration and transparency carries over to our work with clients, and results in real answers to real problems. StoneTurn’s Partners and senior engagement professionals are more hands on, and work with experienced teams formed through strategic lateral hiring and long-term professional development of employees, who have retention rates far above our similarly-sized and larger competitors. StoneTurn brings deep expertise to the task of trying to help solve our client’s problems. And, with an approach acknowledged by our clients to be reliable, responsive, collaborative, creative and fun, StoneTurn achieves better outcomes for our clients.