StoneTurn recently assisted client Vicor and its counsel Quinn Emanuel with “damage control” in the trial of a case that had been pending for nearly a decade.  SynQor sued Vicor for patent infringement relating to the sale of power converter products included in larger power systems, seeking a $71.9 million reasonable royalty based on SynQor’s hypothetical lost profits, at a recent trial in Marshall, Texas.
StoneTurn expert Alan Ratliff, Partner, assisted by Managing Director Katie Prichard and Manager Melissa Haley in StoneTurn’s Houston office, determined an alternative amount of reasonable royalty damages. This evaluation was based on reasonably comparable Vicor licenses executed near the date Vicor was first accused of infringing SynQor’s patents in 2006-2007, and considering Vicor’s $13 million of incremental profits from the accused infringing sales.

The jury awarded SynQor $6.5 million, or one-half of Vicor’s incremental profits, based on Mr. Ratliff’s testimony at trial. Read the final verdict here.

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Alan Ratliff

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