Tanya Bodell StoneTurn

Tanya Bodell, Partner, leads StoneTurn’s energy and sustainability offerings in business advisory services, regulatory support and expert testimony in large-stakes litigation, levering more than 25 years of experience in energy industry matters and associated environmental impacts. In this role, she helps businesses to achieve net zero and new energy technologies and start-ups commercialize their technologies in an industry with multiple layers of regulatory requirements.

Tanya helps clients to unlock value through informed business decisions that create competitive advantage. She has led a number of strategic and highly quantitative analyses focused on the power sector and the fuels industry, as well as renewables, energy storage, hydrogen and new technologies. Her advice and expert testimony often assesses the costs and benefits of energy transition, identifying optimal ways to allocate scarce resources.

Tanya interacts extensively with executives, corporate boards, and senior management of energy companies, large energy users and government, adding value through development of business strategy, expert insights, and transaction support. She helps clients to perform carbon inventories and develop realistic climate action plans that recognize the current and anticipated state of energy technologies. She has advised on billion-dollar acquisition opportunities and managed billion-dollar energy procurement processes. Tanya often plays a key role in cases arbitrated, mediated, litigated, and heard before regulatory agencies, providing industry context, assessing business damages and lost profits, and directing research and analyses. She couples her quantitative background in economics, finance and statistics with a qualitative understanding of market rules developed while designing and implementing competitive wholesale and retail markets in North America and abroad.