Richard Green has a lifetime record of grass-roots community activism and social justice. His achievements are many and he has been recognized by multiple local and national organizations.  Richard is widely recognized as the “go to” trouble shooter and peacemaker in countless factional divisions, including many police shootings, which became flash points of concern and unrest in the communities.

Richard organized education cadres to visit prisons and assist prisoners in need of services in the aftermath of the Attica-Rebellion. This led to the formation “The College in The Wall” program, which expanded to many institutions.

He founded the multi-dimensional Crown Heights Youth Collective, which has helped over 95,000 youth. “The Collective” teaches youth social justice and the importance of commitment to their families and community. Many of its participants have graduated from college and obtained employment in Fortune 500 firms and public service institutions.

Richard held a senior community leadership role to quell the major disturbances and violence commonly known as the Crown Heights Riots. He also founded the “Peace Project” to bring a renewed consciousness to the conditions facing inner city youth internationally. He also created many “Peace Zones.”

Richard served honorably in Vietnam with the U.S. Marine Corps and was decorated six (6) times.