Large-scale construction initiatives pose high stakes situations for your teams. Lapses in oversight or deficiencies in internal controls lead to loss of revenue, delays, fines, penalties and even local, state or federal government enforcement activity.

StoneTurn’s Construction & Real Estate team helps clients monitor and control risks and the related fallout, including reputational issues. Our compliance, forensic accounting, investigative, due diligence and construction audit professionals proactively develop customized strategies that directly address specific compliance and project risks. These strategies include establishment of robust construction compliance programs, proactive monitoring and audit, and implementation of policies and procedures designed to help ensure successful project delivery.

How We Help

Investigations and Compliance

Do you have the expertise to investigate fraud or non-compliance issues related to your projects?

How We Help
• Address compliance or governance related issues
• Assess alternatives to formal disputes
• Proactively monitor and control construction risks
• Program and project investigations

Project Monitoring & Auditing

Are you concerned about compliance, fraud, waste, & abuse on your projects?

How We Help
• Capital program monitorship to ensure compliance with contract terms and conditions and completion without fraud, waste and abuse
• Audits to identify and recover unallowable costs


Construction Compliance Services

Have you audited your construction projects and contracts with the appropriate subject matter experts?

How We Help
• Development and implementation of program and project compliance programs
• Analysis and testing of internal policies, processes and controls to mitigate program and project specific risks