Cryptocurrency has become more mainstream, but so too is the rapidly growing list of challenges and risks: Heightened regulatory scrutiny and coordinated global enforcement with minimal frameworks or guidance. Increased cybersecurity threats from an ever-growing list of threat actors. New and unique asset classes with novel fraud and money laundering risks.

It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency and digital asset ecosystem have faced significant headwinds. In a fast-paced and unprecedented industry, companies and consumers need a global and nimble team. Enter StoneTurn’s Cryptocurrency Investigations and Intelligence team. Our multidisciplinary team of certified blockchain intelligence experts, forensic accountants, data scientists, and cybersecurity professionals leverage both on-chain and off-chain tools and techniques to tackle a wide range of issues. We help victims recover losses, enable stakeholders to seize opportunities with greater confidence, and assist clients with successfully balancing innovation, security, and transparency.

Turn to us when:

  • Theft, disappearance or misuse of cryptocurrency or other digital assets occurs.
  • Suspicions or allegations of fraud related to cryptocurrency investments or initial coin offerings (ICOs) arise.
  • You, or your company, is a victim of a hack, scam, or insider attack.
  • Needing intelligence of an acquisition target or potential private investment.
  • Suspicions of existence of hidden or undisclosed digital assets that require investigation.
  • Discrepancies between internal records and on-chain activity emerge.
  • Proving or disproving on-chain activity and behaviors as part of litigation.
  • Needing an expert witness adept at illustrating and simplifying cryptocurrency and blockchain activity to judges, law enforcement, regulators, and other stakeholders.
  • A regulator or potential investor requests a review of your anti-money laundering (AML) or conduct risk programs.
  • A risk assessment reveals gaps or inconsistencies in controls or compliance.

How We Help

Forensic Investigations and Cryptocurrency Lifecycle Intelligence

Our digital assets experts investigate concerns of fraud, misappropriation, misconduct, or in response to a government inquiry. We help companies, investors, and counsel to identify, assess, remediate, and resolve these sensitive matters quickly and efficiently.

As a certified blockchain investigators, StoneTurn professionals assist in the identification, analysis, and recovery of cryptocurrency lost to theft or fraud through targeted on-chain investigations. Our multidisciplinary approach brings together our fully certified blockchain investigators with our cybersecurity and intelligence experts to deliver a holistic assessment and actionable results.  StoneTurn works collaboratively with law enforcement in asset recovery and investigative efforts.

Our investigation experience includes:

  • Exchange and DeFi hacks.
  • Forensic accounting and on-chain investigation of ICOs and NFT projects.
  • Misstatements between company records and blockchain data.
  • Recovery of assets lost to theft or scams.
  • Insider threats and attacks.
  • ICO exit scams.
  • Concerns or allegations of wash trading or other market manipulation.


StoneTurn’s Cybersecurity experts help to ensure that your organization is protected from threats and attacks, both on and off the blockchain. We take a proactive view of internal controls to evaluate whether your data and systems can withstand compromise by the most sophisticated of cyber criminals. In the event an incident does occur, StoneTurn’s team helps minimize the impact of loss. Our experts perform root cause analysis to identify the source of a threat or attack, investigate its extent, and contain the impact to help your organization recover quickly.

Due Diligence and Intelligence

Knowing your investors, investment targets, vendors, and other stakeholders is no longer optional, especially when it can have an adverse impact on a company’s reputation and bottom line. StoneTurn is committed to helping organizations mitigate risk through strengthening due diligence efforts where potential clients, vendors, or executives hold digital assets or cryptocurrencies.

Data Analytics

StoneTurn’s experts evaluate, format, and structure large amounts of information from multiple structured and unstructured data sources to help our clients understand relationships, trends, and outliers. Our Data Analytics team assists in lifecycle tracing analyses during investigations to identify the origin and follow movement of digital assets. We also analyze the results of detective controls to timely assess and identify exceptions and trends.

Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions Compliance

With an ever-expanding list of customers and players in the digital asset world,  StoneTurn can help firms navigate the requirements of robust AML and sanctions policies, procedures, and controls. Whether designing, remediating, or assessing AML and sanctions programs, StoneTurn can assist crypto firms to make sure their programs answer both business and regulatory needs. StoneTurn’s experts in Know Your Customer (KYC), ongoing and enhanced due diligence, transaction monitoring, and customer risk ratings have deep experience working with companies employing blockchain technology or deploying digital assets. Our professionals also help firms understand and comply with sanctions, embargoes, tariffs, and the increasing requirements of crypto firms to know their customer’s customers.

Remediate and Monitor

StoneTurn’s experts work with organizations to remediate compliance programs after misconduct is discovered so wrongdoing does not recur. We serve as court- and government-appointed monitors to oversee and assess the design and implementation of effective policies and controls around cryptocurrencies and digital assets. When anticipating regulatory or prosecutorial action, companies engage StoneTurn proactively as remediation consultants to demonstrate their firm is “a step ahead” in fixing any wrongdoing.