It’s not what you know, it’s what you don’t know that can potentially have an adverse impact on an organization and its reputation. StoneTurn is committed to helping clients mitigate risk through strengthening due diligence efforts.

In today’s global marketplace, organizations rely on reputational integrity to build market share, attract top talent and grow sustainably. That is why thorough background due diligence is so critical. Today’s financial transactions―whether partnerships, IPOs, foreign investments, mergers or acquisitions―are more fraught with reputational risk than at any time in the past. Business successes are often wiped away by one reputational black mark―especially one that might have been preventable.

Knowing your investors, your investment targets, your bankers, your vendors, your board members and your executives is no longer an option.

How We Help

What We Do

Thorough background due diligence is the sensible first step in preventing fraud, business failure or reputational damage.

StoneTurn’s experienced due diligence professionals are analysts and investigatory researchers known for their meticulous, fastidious attention to detail. We tailor due diligence investigations to the specific needs of each client with an understanding that every case involves unique information and deadlines to fulfill varying purposes.

For transactional background investigations, questionable issues can be addressed―and often explained―before an event takes place or the ink on a transaction is dry. When investigators uncover potentially damaging information, firms may move forward with alternative opportunities. Deals or investments can be altered or postponed, contracts can be re-worked minus the offending party, an investment can proceed with different funders and offers to potential candidates can be withdrawn. None of this is possible after the deal or offer has been signed.

Investigative due diligence can also include matters related to litigation, supply chain and vendor selection, foreign investment in the U.S., market entry, forensic reviews and third-party compliance.

What We Find

When reviewing public and proprietary databases or speaking with sources on the ground, we may encounter misleading, questionable or conflicting information. StoneTurn’s investigative reports analyze our findings in a format that allows our clients to evaluate risk and make informed, timely decisions.

Integrity issues encountered include:

  • Fabricated employment or appointments
  • Lapsed or nonexistent credentials
  • Undisclosed relationships (i.e., politically exposed persons in foreign markets)
  • Nonexistent businesses
  • Poor financial history
  • Problematic social media profiles
  • Questionable patterns of behavior
  • Ties to criminal organizations or offshore entities
  • Hidden assets
  • Named defendants in litigation

Our trained investigative staff knows how to evaluate, corroborate and analyze this data, and organize information and draft concise reports that can be used for client presentations, litigation and risk management.

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