Spending around class action lawsuits continues to rise. M&A deals among large multinational businesses are presenting significant competition challenges to regulators. Case law is ever-evolving, while corporate legal departments are allocating less and less resources to these matters.

Each competition and class action matter brings complex economic and financial issues to the forefront. StoneTurn’s professionals apply deep knowledge across a broad range of industries to assist clients in solving these problems. Our experts possess extensive expertise in data mining and analysis, and in gathering and developing factual information tailored to the issues in the case. We have worked extensively in many industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, energy, agriculture, automotive, banking, computer hardware and software, consumer products, retail, and telecommunications, among others.

Competition and class action disputes often require extensive analysis of complex data. Our applied economics, statistics and data analytics experts regularly build, manage and analyze large and complex datasets, including, for example, transaction and SKU-level sales data; high-frequency trading data found in financial markets assignments; healthcare and life sciences databases maintained by CMS, private insurers, and other health research entities; and records of credit worthiness associated with mortgage servicers.

Turn to us for assistance with:

  • Definition of relevant geographic and product market
  • Competitive impact of mergers and acquisitions
  • Price fixing, price discrimination, and price manipulation
  • Commodities manipulation and price artificiality
  • Attempted monopolization claims
  • Vertical and horizontal restraint of competition
  • Class certification and class action claims
  • Damages analysis
  • Pharmaceutical reverse payments / “pay-for-delay” litigation

How We Help

Litigation matters involving antitrust and competition issues often require an extensive understanding of the economic forces affecting a particular industry, along with the ability to apply complex economic and statistical methodologies to address a wide range of issues such as relevant market analysis, anticompetitive effects and economic damages. StoneTurn experts also provide valuable insight into economic issues throughout all phases of class action litigation whether pre-complaint, during class certification, or post-certification through trial. StoneTurn assists counsel with discovery requests, data management, and advises on potential economic issues facing the client.

Antitrust & Competition

Examine & Analyze

StoneTurn’s experts analyze claims of price fixing and predatory pricing, and examine the competitive effects of alleged actual or attempted monopolization, anticompetitive tying or bundling, exclusionary practices, as well as abuse of a dominant position.

Manage & Formulate

Our professionals are adept at managing, analyzing and formulating sound and reliable opinions using complex data to address facts specific to the case at hand, with an ability to distill complex economic and statistical concepts clearly and concisely for attorneys, clients and fact-finding bodies.

Class Certification & Class Action Damages


StoneTurn professionals are highly experienced in applying sound economic and statistical expertise to assist attorneys and clients in responding to class certification issues.


StoneTurn provides expert analysis to clients prior to class certification to determine common impact on a class-wide basis, proof of injury, and the feasibility of statistical or formulaic damages methodologies.


After class certification, StoneTurn provides expert analysis including rebuttal of proposed class-wide damages methodologies.