Maximizing investments in real estate assets and facilities is more critical than ever in today’s quickly changing and hybrid-centric work environment. As organizations rethink how to best use their facilities, key challenges such as controlling costs, maximizing space utilization and leases, enhancing the employee experience and managing vendors are only magnified.

StoneTurn’s Construction & Real Estate team leverages deep expertise to provide services designed to optimize facilities management services, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Our team also works closely with clients to help ensure alignment of corporate real estate plans with enterprise-wide strategies, especially in today’s dynamic workplace environment.

How We Help

Lease Management & Audits

Are your lease agreements optimized for today’s hybrid work environment and regularly reviewed for cost compliance?

How We Help
• Review of existing leases to optimize cost profiles and maximize cost efficiency
• Audit of lease agreements, landlord billings and other facilities related contracts to ensure compliance and recover non-compliant costs

Cost Benchmarking & Reduction

Do your facilities and related costs align with industry standards and re opportunities to reduce costs realized?

How We Help
• Analysis and benchmarking of facilities related costs
• Development of strategies to reduce costs and optimize vendor services and utilization

Technology Optimization

Is technology utilized to manage your facilities, interact with vendors, and manage maintenance related activities?

How We Help
• Facilities and lease management technology assessment, selection, implementation and optimization
• Analytics and project data optimization