In today's business environment, stakeholders are demanding to know more about how organizations are actioning their ESG values and commitments. Companies facing ever-increasing ESG expectations and demands, along with the increased threat of reputational damage, must be proactive in identifying unethical conduct before the commencement of an external investigation and public scrutiny.

StoneTurn assists companies through varying compliance, risk and controls models, which can serve as both a risk mitigation exercise as well as a proactive approach to an ESG strategy. We have helped numerous organizations and their counsel to ensure they are utilizing best practices and ethical behavior; avoid criminal, civil or regulatory actions; rehabilitate injured relationships; and regain trust. Having served as independent monitors – including as Independent Compliance and Business Ethics Monitor to one of the world’s largest investment banks and the Independent Consultant tasked with evaluating the sufficiency and adequacy of ethics and integrity controls at a large public accounting firm – we understand the complexity that comes with trying to embed purpose and values into business strategy, and action meaningful cultural and behavioral change.

StoneTurn’s team of multidisciplinary professionals can conduct sustainability risk and materiality assessments that identify key ESG factors, including legal/regulatory, operational, and reputational risks, to help organizations design and implement sustainability action plans that meet short- and long-term business objectives. We also assist companies attempting to proactively address the potential sustainability concerns and priorities of internal and external stakeholders. The StoneTurn team works collaboratively across an organization to help companies gain greater transparency into their controls framework by assessing and remediating issues.

How We Help

Sustainability Risk and Materiality Assessment

  • Identifying ESG risks and opportunities via internal and external data queries and stakeholder interviews
  • Prioritizing sustainability actions via ESG issue scoring and materiality mapping
  • Assessing exposure to potential violations with changing laws and regulations, including identifying and planning for future regulatory changes, and organizational expansion into new jurisdictions
  • Examining supply chain and third-party relationships, technology, data, business processes and controls
  • Evaluation of potential impact of marketplace disruption and innovation, crisis preparedness and recovery, and insights and assurance on corporate sustainability programs

Controls Assessment

  • Identify non-financial internal control enhancements based on risk assessment outcomes
  • Leverage the multidisciplinary, real-time insights of our extended team of skilled forensic accountants and data scientists to assist companies and their counsel with ongoing monitoring and remediation