Corporate counsel, compliance professionals and internal audit teams face ever-increasing expectations. Regulatory scrutiny is on the rise. There is significant pressure to cut costs. The threat of reputational damage continues to increase. Firms have become more proactive and seek to identify and expose potentially illegal and unethical conduct before and after the commencement of an external investigation.

StoneTurn brings a team of multi-faceted experts in disciplines such as accounting, audit, compliance, data analytics, forensic investigations, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and risks and controls to help organizations navigate pre- and post-incident compliance matters and antifraud activities. We have expertise in identifying the sources of criminal and unethical conduct, and implementing procedures and protocols to avoid future problems. Our clients rely on us to prepare thorough documentation when regulatory inquiries or allegations surface.

Our experts prevent and detect misconduct in the absence of an allegation or suspicion. We combine the mindset, knowledge, skills and experience of financial investigators with classic audit approaches and procedures to identify and assess risks, and prevent and detect violations of processes and controls, contracts and other third-party agreements, laws and regulations. Additionally, we leverage the power of big data to execute and measure the effectiveness of ethics and compliance programs. Finally, our former federal prosecutors, law enforcement professionals and accredited financial analyst teams work proactively to ensure that integrity standards are maintained and enforced.

We also serve as a court- and government-appointed independent monitor to assess remediation efforts. Turn to us in these situations for subject matter and industry expertise, reliable investigative results, objectivity and a proven track record as a trusted adviser.

How We Help

StoneTurn helps organizations and their counsel to avoid criminal, civil or regulatory enforcement actions; mitigate fines and penalties; escape government-imposed compliance monitors; rehabilitate injured relationships; regain trust; recoup losses; and protect the professional careers and reputation of members of the board, management, and ethics and compliance, legal and internal audit departments.


Compliance & Risk Assessments

StoneTurn assists companies and counsel to mitigate third-party legal, business and reputation risks; test compliance controls; and reduce penalties and prevent recurrence by identifying root causes and implementing corrective measures.

Transaction Monitoring

StoneTurn helps companies to design and implement remediation programs including root cause analysis, corrective measures and self-monitoring; and develop preventive and detective controls, data analytics and transaction monitoring programs.



StoneTurn’s risks and controls, forensic accounting, investigative and data analytics experts respond to and investigate alleged misconduct by or against the company. Our investigative team of former federal prosecutors and law enforcement professionals are well versed in conducting discreet investigations without disrupting day-to-day operations. In addition to forensic accounting reviews and risk assessments, we regularly conduct employee and witness interviews, perform site visits and surveillance as appropriate.
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Data Analytics

StoneTurn helps companies and counsel to collect and assimilate data from disparate sources; analyze large and complex databases; and identify data anomalies, outlier transactions and business trends to assist in preventing, detecting and remediating misconduct.


Prevention of Future Misconduct

StoneTurn’s experts help organizations to avoid criminal, civil and regulatory enforcement actions; mitigate fines, disgorgement penalties and administrative disciplinary measures; obviate the need for government-imposed compliance monitors; rehabilitate injured relationships and regain trust; recoup losses; and protect the company’s reputation and those of members of the board and management.