As stakeholders call for enhanced sustainability efforts from organizations, it is increasingly crucial for companies to demonstrate that ethical conduct and culture permeate everything they do. Companies looking to create meaningful change that is not only beneficial for their business, but for society as a whole, turn to StoneTurn to assist in hardwiring integrity into the heart of their business operations.

StoneTurn is dedicated to leading and driving sustainable business change by providing advisory services to organizations on subjects including organizational purpose and values; ethical decision-making and values-based governance; behaviors-based policies and procedures; inclusive leadership and diversity; and equity and inclusion. We design, develop and expertly facilitate immersive and experiential learning and development programs to educate, empower and engage boards, C-suite executives, and all levels of employees. We deploy expert design and facilitation skills, the latest behavioral change tools and techniques, and direct line of enquiry to optimize and enrich the learning environment.

Our design philosophy is grounded in the key principles of being experiential, discovery-driven and capable of unlocking the power of the collective learning environment. Our training design and content is led by the business strategic context, and is measurable and outcome-driven, so that impact and value can be assessed and monitored.

How We Help

Executive Education and Learning and Development

  • Educating, empowering and equipping C-Suite and executive leaders to design and embed purpose, values, desired behaviors and ethical conduct across their organizations as core to their sustainable business strategy
  • Expert design, development and facilitation of face-to-face and online training programs and workshops on topics including but not limited to:
    • Inclusive leadership
    • Leading cultural change
    • Workplace bias and ethical blind spots
    • Diversity equity and inclusion
    • Ethical values and behaviors
    • Ethical decision-making frameworks

Corporate Purpose & Values

  • Defining and activating purpose to serve as a north star for the business and act as the moral compass to support the design of a values-based governance framework
  • Assisting organizations to bring to life their purpose through desired actions and behaviors; and how to align culture to a purpose-led strategy

Inclusive Conduct & Culture

  • Working with organizations to position diversity, equity and inclusion as a critical business imperative and shape inclusive business cultures
  • Designing, developing and implementing measurable ethical cultures built on trust, respect and integrity
  • Independent risk assessment and review of inclusive culture and conduct programs against best practice and practical recommendations for high impact remedial actions to address identified behavioral risk