Construction projects are subject to heightened scrutiny by regulators and prosecutors. Perceived lapses in compliance may lead to fines, penalties, delays and criminal inquiries.

Compliance-related issues often require diversion of industry personnel, funds and resources from major projects, none of which are expendable. Local, state and federal enforcement activity associated with large-scale construction industry projects can damage a firm’s project timeline and profitability.

StoneTurn helps clients stay ahead of enforcement actions and the related fallout, including reputational issues. Our compliance, forensic accounting, investigative, and due diligence professionals are experienced in helping on two fronts: We proactively develop customized strategies that address specific compliance and regulatory issues head on. These strategies include policies and procedures designed to exceed enforcement standards. StoneTurn will handle MWDBE, health and safety, or wage and labor compliance, allowing your firm maximum time to complete construction.

StoneTurn also works with clients to identify fraud, waste and misuse of resources. Investigating, identifying and correcting wrongdoing provides clients with unequaled integrity monitoring support for compliance with local, state and federal regulators.

Our demonstrated experience assures government regulators, developers, construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors that StoneTurn helps to reduce reputational risk and protect businesses and their employees.

StoneTurn’s services include a range of investigative and compliance-related activities to ensure that compliant policies and procedures are in place. Specifically, we provide:

  • Assessment of existing compliance and regulatory programming
  • Background investigations of firms, principals and subcontractors
  • Forensic audits and accounting reviews
  • Review of contracts, procurement and audit procedures
  • Observation of disciplinary proceedings and interviews
  • Analyses of audits
  • Review of internal processes for susceptibility to fraud, corruption and cost abuse
  • Surveillance and site visits
  • Employee and witness interviews