Patrick Kramer

Patrick T. Kramer, a Senior Advisor with StoneTurn, brings more than 30 years of federal government service consisting of federal law enforcement experience and active-duty military service. Specifically, Patrick focuses on complex financial crimes with expertise in investigating and supervising health care fraud, mortgage fraud, international corruption and foreign bribery (FCPA), and money laundering investigations.

Patrick works with clients and other stakeholders across various industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance, financial services, technology, legal, regulatory compliance, U.S./foreign federal courts and prosecutors, foreign governments, foreign law enforcement partners, intelligence community, as well as state/local governments both foreign and domestically.

Prior to working with StoneTurn, Patrick spent 20 years with the FBI as a Special Agent, Supervisory Special Agent, and Assistant Legal Attaché. Patrick distinguished himself as a highly accomplished and decorated law enforcement specialist with a proven record of optimizing performance, mitigating risk, leading successful investigations, resolving complex cases, and serving as a consultant to senior officers, government officials and foreign agencies. He excels at building and leading top-performing teams, serving as a subject matter expert on multiple law enforcement topics, and facilitating the detection, prevention, and resolution of criminal activities.

After serving at FBI Headquarters in the Financial Crimes Section, Patrick was assigned to FBI New York and successfully supervised a Health Care Fraud squad. He was subsequently promoted to manage investigations and exercise program management responsibilities for the public corruption, civil rights, health care fraud, fraud against the government, and FCPA/international corruption programs in addition to the forensic accountant program.

In 2016, Patrick served on a high-profile overseas assignment in São Paulo, Brazil, where he directed and coordinated several of the most complex, multinational FCPA cases in history. Originating in Brazil, these cases resulted in the charged companies negotiating multi-billion-dollar settlements with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Patrick resided in Brazil for three years as the FBI Assistant Legal Attaché where he oversaw and managed a broad portfolio of complex investigations involving counterterrorism, counterintelligence, cyber-intrusion crimes, ransomware attacks against critical infrastructure, international corruption/FCPA, money laundering, asset forfeiture of U.S. currency and cryptocurrency, extraditions, mutual legal assistance requests, and other criminal matters.

Patrick concluded his FBI career in New York conducting national security investigations, working on sensitive intelligence collection efforts, and collaborating with other United States Intelligence Community (USIC) partners while investigating and mitigating malign foreign influence threats against U.S. interests. Patrick’s FBI career spanned assignments in San Antonio; San Juan, PR; Denver; Washington D.C.; New York; São Paulo and Brasilia, Brazil.

Prior to the FBI, Patrick served 12 years active military service, first as a U.S. Marine Corps Officer deploying to Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm followed by training deployments throughout South America. He supported national counter narcotics efforts as a Spanish linguist and team chief, holding various staff positions and attaining the rank of Major in the Utah Army National Guard.