Independent business appraisal. Quantifying intellectual property assets. Accurately assessing the value of business assets and the factors that impact value is critical to making sound financial decisions, mitigating risks, and often, estimating commercial damages.

StoneTurn looks beyond the numbers in performing valuation analyses. Our approach is founded on generally accepted professional standards and utilizes proven and tested methodologies in anticipation of challenge by regulators, government agencies or opposing parties.

Our professionals have extensive experience working collaboratively with clients to perform and assess business and intellectual property valuation analyses in complex legal disputes and for matters involving strategic decision-making. Our experts also provide testimony at deposition, trial and before other triers of fact.

How We Help

StoneTurn assists clients to


Working closely with clients, we develop sound strategies and comprehensive approaches to our analyses based on a thorough evaluation of the subject business or assets and the markets in which they operate. When applicable, we also work seamlessly with data analytics experts who can assist in identifying, examining and presenting information relevant in the valuation process.


StoneTurn’s professionals utilize forensic accounting techniques to provide a clear and accurate assessment of the facts. We evaluate the reasonableness of analyses performed by others in accordance with generally accepted standards and guidelines, as well as industry and economic factors that impact value.


Based on an independent and objective assessment of the facts, we deliver opinions on value through expert reports and testimony. We also work with government agencies to assist in performing detailed analyses of value in a regulatory context.