Michael Feeley

Michael Feeley, Director of Human Resources with StoneTurn, brings more than six years of experience in human capital management. He focuses on talent acquisition, training and development, and performance management. Mike also leads resource management at the firm, identifying the appropriate experience for client needs while creating opportunities for StoneTurn professionals. In addition, Mike serves as a career coach and adviser to employees, and leads a number of compliance and operational efforts.

Previously, Mike was a client service manager in StoneTurn’s Boston office. He is a Certified Public Accountant (licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts), and performed forensic and financial consulting in a variety of matters for more than six years. More specifically, Mike brings experience in GAAP and GAAS, and has conducted forensic accounting investigations and worked on litigation matters related to purchase price disputes and audit malpractice in which he assisted in the preparation of pre-trial analyses and expert reports.

Mike began his career at a large accounting firm, where he audited public and private companies across industries such as banking, asset management, insurance and manufacturing.

Mike is a Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) and a Society of Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP).

Turn to Michael

StoneTurn’s senior leadership possesses a mindset of collaboration and flexibility, which fosters diverse experiences and helps us to realize these goals for our clients and our people.

Michael Feeley

Q: Can you give an example of StoneTurn’s lean and efficient approach?


StoneTurn believes in providing clients with the highest quality work product in an efficient and collaborative manner. We achieve this goal by hiring people who are passionate about the work we do and deeply value developing and maintaining long-term client relationships. Our firm continuously establishes and maintains relationships with experienced, industry experts around the globe, which we leverage as appropriate for clients’ needs. Having a pipeline of talented individuals and long-standing professional relationships allows us to be “lean and mean” and provide a client-focused approach not often found at other firms. As a former client-serving consultant, I am passionate about leading the efforts to cultivate highly-talented professionals who provide value to StoneTurn’s clients.

Q: StoneTurn is known for being collaborative. Describe for us how the firm is able to work so seamlessly with clients and as colleagues.


Collaboration is a key theme at StoneTurn both externally with our clients and internally with our people. We take a “one-firm” approach that allows StoneTurn to staff matters to fit the needs of our clients based on our team’s relevant experiences and expertise. At the same time, we take great care in achieving career development objectives of our people by identifying professional equity-building opportunities and keeping open lines of communication. StoneTurn’s senior leadership possesses a mindset of collaboration and flexibility, which fosters diverse experiences and helps us to realize these goals for our clients and our people.

Q: What do you believe sets StoneTurn apart?


Tone at the top is everything. The positive environment, established by the Partners of StoneTurn and carried out by our people, sets the firm far apart from our competitors in several ways. Any partner will tell you that StoneTurn is a culture-maximizing firm, not a profit-maximizing firm. There are no external forces, such as private equity or public investment, that influence how the firm operates on a day-to-day basis. This, combined with our lean and efficient approach, allows the firm to realize a measurable work/ life balance in a demanding industry. Due to positive tone-setting, our professionals have more time to focus on non-billable, career-building activities such as achieving professional designations, being active with business development efforts and embracing the cultural aspects of the firm. All StoneTurners serve as cultural ambassadors. In my role as HR Director, I lead by example and look forward to recruiting, coaching and working with those who share this mindset.