StoneTurn’s culture is:

StoneTurn’s culture is:

A “people-first” business model,

reflecting the understanding that people are the firm’s greatest assets and that firm success hinges on the long-term professional satisfaction and contribution of its professionals;


to outstanding client service;


to the financial success of the firm and its people;


to enable each StoneTurn professional to have a voice in the firm;


to ensure team work and a strong commitment to the collective interest;


to providing access to resources and opportunities that empower each StoneTurn professional to promote change, impact firm success, and encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship;

A “smart” and “fun” work environment

where such co-existent attitudes are embraced as operational dynamics through day-to-day practices; and

Strategic about growth,

balancing opportunistic external hiring of culturally like-minded professionals and organic internal development of StoneTurn professionals.