A workplace free of harassment is essential for any organization to operate effectively. Harassment―whether related to sex, race, disability, age, ethnicity or religion―should be handled immediately and discreetly. StoneTurn’s professionals are experienced in developing compliance and training programs and conducting investigations related to workplace harassment.

Workplace harassment can take many forms, including bullying, shaming, embarrassment, unwanted physical contact, extortion and mental abuse. The impact of workplace harassment cuts deeply into the culture, viability and productivity of an organization, often causing wide-reaching impact on co-workers, customers, vendors and investors. Harassment in the workplace can potentially cause unsafe environments, a dispirited workforce, personnel turnover and lead to organizational liability and reputational fallout.

How We Help

What We Do

StoneTurn works to safeguard your workplace and help build stronger compliance programs to guard against circumstances where violation of your corporate policies could potentially occur. When alleged violations do occur, we help with evidence collection, witness interviews and careful analysis of corporate records.

StoneTurn’s Compliance & Monitoring professionals provide assessments of corporate anti-harassment policies, procedures and training designed to protect employees’ rights.

StoneTurn’s Investigations team evaluates policies and specific claims to ensure that appropriate and expedient corporate responses are supported. Our investigative professionals are former prosecutors, law enforcement professionals and civil litigators. StoneTurn assists internal and external counsel, corporate boards and HR professionals to conduct discreet internal investigations, create suitable reporting channels, enhance policies and provide training.

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