Organizations can’t manage what they can’t measure. Managing volumes of data from disparate sources presents complex challenges. Our Data Science & Analytics team helps organizations harness information to more clearly measure and manage their ESG strategy, operations, and disclosures.

We have deep experience identifying and collecting large, complex sets of data to test and present actionable conclusions. Through the application of dynamic modeling, StoneTurn’s data science experts can analyze large and complex databases to highlight important summary characteristics, create visual representations and bring focus to key areas of interest. Our analyses frequently take the form of data visualizations or dashboards that allow the user to quickly explore large or complex datasets, as well as assess the economic impact of various scenarios or assumptions.

StoneTurn’s data analytics professionals also employ a range of machine learning and natural language processing techniques to help improve efficiencies, isolate key variables, and uncover relationships not easily discernable by manual review. We deliver compelling evidence that is supported by rigorous methods to assist organizations design, implement and monitor their sustainability strategy and disclosures.


How We Help

Data Collection

  • Identifying sources of data to effectively track and report ESG-specific metrics and performance indicators
  • Compiling and analyzing structured and unstructured data

Data Visualization & Dashboarding

  • Optimization of existing population of data for analysis and reporting
  • Identification of synergies between existing data sources and creation of more meaningful or impactful reports and outputs

Data Assurance & Review

  • Assessment of existing population of data
  • Assessment against industry and regulatory standards including SASB and GRI
  • Advisory related to determining the efficacy of the existing data population and identification of further enhancements