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Jeffrey Dubin, an Academic Affiliate of StoneTurn and an adjunct professor at University of Southern California, has several decades of experience in providing expert opinions and testimony in cases related to antitrust, intellectual property, and damages. He was previously a tenured full professor of economics at the California Institute of Technology for over 25 years and an adjunct professor of Economics and Statistics at UCLA. He has been awarded the Econometric Society’s prestigious Frisch medal for coauthoring the best applied paper published in the previous two years in the journal Econometrica.

Jeffrey has testified before both courts and regulatory bodies, including U.S. district courts, the U.S. Tax Court, U.S. surface Transportation Board, and more. He also has worked on several matters involving surveys and sampling and has experience in strategic and management consulting providing financial analyses for businesses in multiple industries.

Jeffrey has done extensive research on microeconomic modeling, energy economics, sampling and survey methods, the valuation of intangible assets, tax compliance, and ballot proposition voting. He has written five books and many articles focused on econometric and statistical analysis of a variety of topics, such as tax avoidance, consumer choice, and energy markets