Increasing regulatory scrutiny. Whistleblower allegations on the rise. Heightened compliance expectations. Corporate investigations are becoming more and more complex when it comes to gathering all relevant facts and managing the subsequent financial and organizational implications.

Today’s in-house counsel, boards and audit committees and their advisers must take into account demands from various regulatory bodies, navigate cultural nuances and organizational processes, and anticipate the consequences of investigations and potential ensuing litigation.

As a result, multidisciplinary teams are required to assist corporate leaders to stay one step ahead in successfully conducting and satisfying the rising expectations of corporate investigations and their impact. Forensic professionals who specialize in accounting and finance, risks and controls, and compliance—as well as those skilled in data analytics, who can extract relevant and salient information from ever-expanding volumes of data—provide significant value to ensure thorough and comprehensive assessments are conducted across a range of investigations such as regulatory inquiries, financial fraud and misstatements, asset misappropriation, anti-corruption issues and post-bankruptcy analyses.

StoneTurn looks beyond the surface when it comes to corporate investigations. Working collaboratively with the legal team, our professionals provide insightful financial analyses and investigative services in these high-stakes situations.

How We Help

StoneTurn assists clients to:

Identify & Strategize

We work efficiently to assess the extent of the wrongdoing, if any, gather evidence, understand the “what,” “who,” “how” and “why,” and help clients to develop a strategic approach to the issues.

Investigate & Evaluate

Our forensic professionals specialize in accounting, risks and controls, data analytics and technology, and work to quickly gather, analyze and present required facts, assess weaknesses in internal controls and quantify potential losses.

Remediate & Monitor

StoneTurn’s professionals have earned credibility from regulators and frequently assist clients in responding to government inquiries. Our Compliance & Monitoring team has worked with organizations to remediate misconduct and establish effective internal controls to ensure wrongdoing does not recur. We also serve as a court- or government-appointed monitor to oversee and assess remediation efforts.