Increasingly complex and sophisticated embezzlement schemes. Shifting regulations across multiple jurisdictions. The need to work seamlessly with government entities to collect evidence. In today’s global business environment, sophisticated investigative skills are required to identify and recover intentionally hard-to-locate assets.

StoneTurn’s global team approaches asset tracing and recovery matters from a forensic viewpoint, considering both what is not shown to us, as well as checking what is provided. StoneTurn brings a team of global, on-demand experts to untangle complex financial transactions across multiple jurisdictions, identify schemes and ultimate owners, as well as quantify and recover “hidden” assets. StoneTurn’s team of professionals which includes alumni of global public accounting and large consulting firms, law firms, federal law enforcement agencies, and federal and state prosecutors’ offices, has unmatched experience in high-profile asset tracing and recovery investigations. This range of experience means our client service teams bring diverse skills and broad perspectives to every engagement.

StoneTurn’s investigative research professionals, who are specially trained and experienced, provide valuable insight for identifying potential assets for recovery in litigation, including fixed assets, real estate holdings, shareholdings, beneficial or hidden business interests, moveable assets (such as aircraft, cash, ships, and vehicles), vanity assets (such as works of art, luxury goods, etc.) and account holdings. These matters often involve the search for corporate affiliations, entities, and assets throughout the globe. We understand risks and schemes associated with financial transaction flow, as well as the ways in which such schemes can be detected through forensic analysis and other investigative methods.

Utilizing a network of outside sources, we gather in-depth information regarding assets or other business interests that may not be evident through open source or public record research. We leverage first-hand insights and a proprietary network of sources to deliver intelligence related to asset recovery engagements. Our approach combines data with the insights we gather from our proprietary intelligence in order to identify hidden assets and surface individuals who are involved in the misappropriation of assets.

We act on behalf of clients to identify, recover and attach assets around the world, as well as to determine where assets may have been seized or frozen. StoneTurn leverage’s its first-hand insights into challenging jurisdictions, broad in-house language capabilities, and a proprietary network of sources to deliver intelligence that is critical in high-stakes engagements.

How We Help

Identify & Strategize

We work efficiently to assess assets in question and our experts then design and execute a strategic plan tailored to the unique complexities of each situation with a view to understanding the “what,” “who,” “how” and “why.”

Our investigative professionals have traced and recovered assets using a variety of information-gathering skills, including conducting interviews, site visits, on-the-ground source inquiries, examining public and corporate records and mining proprietary software. Together, our investigative team members apply rigorous research methodologies to quickly gather, analyze and present required facts and quantify the value of assets.

Investigate & Trace

Our practitioners investigate and analyze complex financial transactions, including transfers between shell corporations, partnerships, financial accounts, trusts, and other difficult-to-trace entities. Our professionals often employ a multi-faceted approach, including analysis of accounting records, interviews, data analytics, review of corroborating documents, such as emails and investigative research.

StoneTurn brings a global team of collaborative and responsive multidisciplinary experts who work seamlessly with clients in various countries around the globe. Our presence around the world, global network of contacts, flexible approach, and understanding of the broader strategies which can be brought into play enable us to provide bespoke support to our clients.


Our professionals have deep experience with large asset recovery matters and investigations, having worked on some of the largest global asset recovery engagements in history. Our team has recovered billions of dollars in assets, analyzed hundreds of millions of transactions, and worked in jurisdictions throughout the world.

StoneTurn also has a strong reputation among government agencies for our forensic and investigative work, both through practice “across the table” from regulators and being engaged as a forensic consultant by the government. We have been called on numerous times by DOJ, various U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and State Agencies, as consulting advisers and experts on investigations involving financial and accounting matters. Our reputation allows us to work seamlessly with government entities to recover assets across jurisdictions around the globe.