The successful enforcement of a judgment, the recovery of the proceeds of fraud and corruption, or the recovery of non-performing loans often depends on the formulation of an effective asset tracing and recovery strategy. StoneTurn assists clients with tracing and recovering assets obscured and protected through complex corporate, nominee or trust structures around the world.

StoneTurn’s Global Asset Tracing and Recovery team is unmatched by its length and depth of experience in high-profile kleptocratic pursuits, recoveries against sovereigns and enforcement of judgements in the most challenging scenarios. Spread across critical global hubs and armed with intricate local knowledge and intelligence networks in over 100 countries, our global asset recovery team swiftly conducts asset investigations across jurisdictions. Our asset recovery specialists work seamlessly with StoneTurn’s experts in forensics, data analytics, and crypto, leveraging the latest advances in technology to support complex asset tracing investigations.

Complex asset recoveries often require multi-pronged strategies. StoneTurn’s bespoke approach considers the broader set of circumstances and in addition to the traditional approach of tracing and attaching assets, explores alternative paths to recovery, seeking to induce a settlement.

How We Help

Asset Tracing

We trace assets of individuals, entities, and governments, in the most complex scenarios, and work with legal counsel in jurisdictions around the world to support attachment of the identified assets.

Designing a Recovery Strategy

We help clients strategically select assets to attach, map out vulnerabilities and key stakeholders, and explore alternative paths to recovery.

Supporting Recovery Efforts

We compile and prepare evidence that will stand up to scrutiny in a variety of legal proceedings and across jurisdictions. We implement the asset recovery strategy, working closely with legal counsel to exert judicial and non-judicial pressures on the debtor to reach a settlement.

Assessment on Feasibility of Recovery

We help clients and legal counsel assess the feasibility of enforcement pre or post litigation, by gathering intelligence about possible recoverable assets, and the opportunities and challenges to recovery.

Intelligence Gathering

We gather intelligence about the debtor to enable our clients to make informed decisions and stay a step ahead of the adversary.

Complex Financial Analysis

We unravel the most intricate and obscure financial transactions to trace the flow of funds.  Known for our deep financial analysis expertise we are frequently called upon by law enforcement agencies to support their investigations.