Recent antitrust charges against Argos Group and bribery charges involving Amec Foster Wheeler demonstrate how compliance problems can lurk within acquisition targets.

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Even though compliance issues can destroy acquisition ROI, pre- and post-deal diligence focuses too often on specific risks—e.g., bribery, tax compliance, data privacy—rather than the overall ethics and compliance program.

In Crunchbase News, Brad Wilson and Christopher McIndoe explain how holistic compliance-related diligence in M&A transactions can greatly enhance a buyer’s understanding of potential compliance problems before closing and protect and increase returns.

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Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer at StoneTurn, leverages more than two decades of experience in forensic accounting and forensic auditing to advise companies and their counsel on […]

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Christopher McIndoe

Christopher McIndoe brings ten years of experience in providing forensic accounting, valuation advisory and dispute consulting services to clients. He focuses on breach of contract and misappropriation of assets claims, […]

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