Increased opportunities for cyber threat actors worldwide. Increased regulatory pressure on data security. Widespread transformation to cloud-enabled and unsecured digital technologies. Ongoing merger, acquisition and integration activity that exposes or creates vulnerabilities in critical operations. An increasing imperative for technology leaders to deliver value and assurance across the enterprise.

Today’s business leaders must strike a critical balance when it comes to cybersecurity—undertake appropriate risks to move the organization forward without compromising the robust security framework and supporting internal controls that make sustainable results possible.

StoneTurn brings a multidisciplinary team of security leaders, cyber technology, risk and investigative experts to help clients across the threat and risk continuum—from prevention to detection, mitigation through to remediation and transformation. Whatever the context, we work collaboratively with you to restore trust, expedite resiliency and proactively secure business-critical information. Rely on insights from our experienced, pragmatic professionals to help simplify complex cybersecurity, data privacy and data protection challenges.

Turn to us when:

  • Rapid and holistic, incident response, cyber investigation, and/or a threat intelligence is required to restore stakeholder trust and protect the enterprise
  • You need assistance to strategically manage complex cyber risk issues that drive the business forward
  • Regulatory issues or inquiries require independent cybersecurity or privacy expertise
  • Financial or other fraud reveals vulnerabilities in your technology operations
  • A merger, acquisition, integration or transformative issue is on the horizon
  • Situational risks dictate the need for enhanced security protections from economic crime, bribery or corruption
  • Remediation is required to address long-standing control issues that resulted in a cyber incident
  • Developing a strategy and vision for future state of secure technology operations to maximize opportunities

How We Help

Prepare & Safeguard

StoneTurn’s Cybersecurity experts help to ensure that your organization is protected from threats and attacks. We take a proactive view of internal controls to evaluate whether your data and systems can withstand compromise by the most sophisticated of cyber criminals. Our team can also preempt unwanted intrusions by simulating cyberattacks to identify potential weaknesses.

Respond & Mitigate

In the event an incident does occur, StoneTurn’s team helps minimize the impact of data or reputational loss. Our experts perform root cause analysis to identify the source of a threat or attack, investigate its extent, and contain the impact to recover quickly. We will serve as trusted advisers to your team in the aftermath of any data breach, data privacy and protection issues, and resulting litigation.

Remediate & Transform

StoneTurn’s Cybersecurity experts implement measures to ensure your business fully recovers from a cyber threat or attack by strengthening or instituting underlying internal controls to protect your data. We can also identify transformational approaches that enable results through cybersecurity—moving the organization from disrupted to disruptor.