Zi Peng

Zi Peng, a Manager at StoneTurn, has more than eight years of research and teaching experience regarding the financial and energy market. His current focus is on litigation advisory in securities & finance.

Zi is an economist whose research areas include Financial Economics and Energy Economics. Prior to joining StoneTurn, Zi has over eight years of experience researching the effects of energy market structural changes and government policy on the energy sector. His recent research work demonstrated the statistically significant effects of investors’ reactions and expectations on crude oil market dynamics, a phenomenon largely overlooked in previous literature. An aspect of Zi’s research involves developing and adopting advanced econometric models and event study analysis methods.

In addition to Zi’s research experience, he has over eight years of teaching experience at UC Irvine, UC Davis, CSU Los Angeles, and Mills College. His course load ranged from undergraduate to Ph.D.-level courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics.