Large-scale construction initiatives involve high stakes for both the project management and development teams. Lapses in oversight, deficiencies in internal controls, and obsolete processes and technology can lead to loss of revenue, schedule delays, or regulatory issues.

StoneTurn’s multidisciplinary team of construction industry experts work collaboratively to help clients build effectively and efficiently. We assist clients in proactively optimizing processes and enabling technology to ensure successful program and project delivery as well as mitigate risk by establishing effective and sustainable compliance and monitoring programs.

How We Help

StoneTurn’s Construction & Real Estate team provides Program and Project Level Construction and Real Estate Consulting Services that include risk mitigation, process and technology optimization, and facilities solutions across all phases of the capital lifecycle.

Construction Risk Mitigation

Investigations and Compliance

• Address compliance or governance related issues
• Assess alternatives to formal disputes
• Proactively monitor and control construction risks
• Program and project investigations

Monitoring & Auditing

• Capital program monitorship to ensure compliance with contract terms and conditions and completion without fraud, waste and abuse
• Audits to identify and recover unallowable costs

Construction Compliance Services

• Development and implementation of program and project compliance programs
• Analysis and testing of internal policies, processes and controls to mitigate program and project specific risks

Internal Audit Services

• Performance of construction cost and process audits to ensure compliance with key contract terms and conditions throughout the project lifecycle, including closeout
• Evaluation of construction management controls for design and operating effectiveness


Construction Process & Technology Optimization

Performance Assessments

• Assessment of program and project management capabilities, processes, controls and technologies
• Identification of targeted and value-add changes to program and project management methodologies, delivery models, processes and technology

Process & Technology Adoption

• Capital program and project management organizational design and restructuring
• Assessment and optimization of methodologies, processes, and tools
• Execution of strategic initiatives to increase organizational process and technology adoption

Technology Implementation & Analytics

• Program and project management technology assessment, selection, implementation and optimization
• Analytics and project data optimization

Facilities Solutions

Lease Management & Audits

• Review of existing leases to optimize cost profiles and maximize cost efficiency
• Audit of lease agreements, landlord billings and other facilities related contracts to ensure compliance and recover non-compliant costs

Cost Benchmarking & Reduction

• Analysis and benchmarking of facilities related costs
• Development of strategies to reduce costs and optimize vendor services and utilization

Technology Optimization

• Facilities and lease management technology assessment, selection, implementation and optimization
• Analytics and project data optimization