A proliferation of new discoverable data sources. A single document, email or text that can make or break your case. Increasingly complex business disputes and investigations that play out across a global business landscape.

In these high-stakes situations, companies and their counsel require the assistance of skilled forensic technologists and data scientists to efficiently capture, analyze and preserve electronically-stored information from a variety of sources. With access to data centers in the U.S., Europe, and Latin American countries including Brazil, the StoneTurn team offers an elevated work eDiscovery product and hosting solutions in response to virtually any legal matter or inquiry.

Powered by two leading document software platforms — Everlaw® and Relativity® —StoneTurn offers seamless data processing, hosting, and production services with a global reach, combined with expert insights and analysis from our experienced and collaborative professionals.

When quality and cost predictability cannot be left to chance, turn to us.

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