Dealing with the scope, and complexity of mass tort litigation and related claims issues is becoming increasingly challenging for counsel and their clients. Our experts bring together expertise in economics, valuation, data analytics, and forensic accounting to help clients solve the complex problems that arise with mass tort matters.

StoneTurn’s experts have deep experience across the mass tort “lifecycle”, assisting counsel by providing valuation analysis, assessing economic damages and assisting with claims analysis during the administration process including in the context of bankruptcy proceedings. Our team works with sub-experts in other fields to build complex models and delivers well-documented, challenge-ready opinions in litigation.

Our professionals have assisted clients in some of the most high-profile bankruptcy cases and litigations including PG&E, Johnson & Johnson, Deepwater Horizon and others. We have extensive experience and expertise with measuring damages suffered by victims of wildfires.

Why StoneTurn?

  • High-Profile Mass Tort Litigation Experience
  • Technology Enabled Solutions
  • Fully Integrated, Multidisciplinary Team
  • Independent & Credible
  • Lean & Efficient Approach
  • Expertise Across the Mass Tort Lifecycle

How We Help

Our experience working with claimants committees and their counsel, attorneys representing victims, trustees and other subject matter experts on a diverse range of issues has provided StoneTurn experts with the tools to assist in any mass tort situation.

Creditors/ Tort Claimant Committees

  • Financial modeling
  • Calculating damages across large class of claimants
  • Providing expert guidance in preparing for trial/mediation

Trusts and Claims Administrators

  • Assist in establishing guidelines and procedures for claims review and administration
  • Develop impact scenarios and statistical analyses to plan and track claims administration
  • Review claims submitted for expert input
  • Regular reporting
  • Assist with budgeting and forecasting

Assist Neutral Advisors / Mediators

  • Review and analyze the facts on both sides
  • Develop financial analyses and calculate damages
  • Assist with mediation efforts


  • Financial Modeling
  • Develop liquidity forecasts
  • Analyze and strengthen business plans
  • Assist with mediation or other negotiations

Managing Subject Matter Experts

  • Seek out subject matter experts to assist in certain capacities
  • Work with them to add value to economic modeling in their areas of expertise
  • Manage SMEs and provide input when applicable

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