Laura Greenman

Laura Greenman, a Managing Director with StoneTurn, brings over ten years of public and forensic accounting, in-house and consulting financial services experience. Laura specializes in implementing and testing the internal control framework and compliance programs of large financial institutions and corporations and advising companies on how to remediate and enhance compliance programs to prevent and detect fraud and ethical misconduct.

Laura has deep monitorship experience, having led many of StoneTurn’s largest and most complex monitorship engagements. She is highly skilled in the assessment of compliance programs and internal controls, and advises companies on how to remediate and enhance compliance programs to prevent and detect fraud. She also worked with companies to help in identifying material risks, developing risk responses and remediating control deficiencies.

Laura’s experience also includes performing forensic accounting investigations and assisting counsel with accounting and auditing matters and has supported investigations and litigation matters, including in the areas of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and False Claims Act (FCA).

In 2022, Laura co-authored 5 Tips For Meeting DOJ’s New CCO Certification Requirements and in 2020 co-authored Revisiting Conduct Risk Management in the COVID-19 Era with Updated DOJ Criteria for the Journal of Risk Management for Financial Institutions. Throughout 2021 she developed and delivered multi-course training for the Association of Corporate Counsel focused on Risk Assessments and Remediation. She joined StoneTurn in 2016 from Goldman Sachs, where she worked as a Legal Entity Controller focused on financial and regulatory reporting. Previously, she was with Ernst & Young, where she worked in the Financial Services Assurance practice with a focus on financial statement and internal control audits of public clients in Banking and Capital Markets.

Laura is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), licensed in the state of New York.