Massive disruption and uncertainty. Many businesses in financial distress. A looming wave of both small and large business bankruptcies.

In a rapidly evolving landscape, business leaders and their counsel need a multidisciplinary team experienced in managing the ongoing turmoil. StoneTurn’s professionals bring deep expertise in cash flow analysis and management, debt restructuring options, valuation, solvency analyses and governance challenges, to help clients discreetly evaluate their options and achieve a speedy resolution.

Our risk-focused experts assist Trustees, Debtors in Possession, Chief Restructuring Officers, creditors’ committees and secured lenders from pre-filing to post-discharge. Whatever the context, we work collaboratively to gather the financial facts and extract key insights to assist in maximizing recovery or defending against actions brought by others.

Whether the issue at hand is solvency, potential fraud, malpractice evaluations, debt restructuring or creditor claims analyses, rely on the StoneTurn team for creative solutions to complex financial, valuation, solvency and data issues. Turn to us.

How We Help

Investigate & Quantify

Liquidity Management

Our experienced forensic accountants help clients take a fresh look at liquidity management practices and factors, including key assumptions in 13-week cash flow projections, what-if analyses, and contingency planning.

Forensic Accounting

StoneTurn professionals also analyze and quantify potentially problematic transactions, claims and economic damages, as well as identify and trace assets to uncover fraudulent conveyance, the ownership structure of entities receiving transferred assets or, for examination as potential preferential transactions. Additionally, we examine the financial structure of the company’s operations to support or avoid instances of piercing the corporate veil.

Litigation Support & Investigations

StoneTurn’s investigators identify potential fraud situations and perform post-event fraud investigations to assist with the identification of causes of actions. We also assist in the identification of assets to uncover fraudulent conveyance and document ownership structures for further examination as potential preferential transactions. Our experts bring decades of experience in business disputes to present our findings and explain complex financial issues in a readily understandable format to regulators, and at trials and arbitral hearings worldwide.

Identify & Assess

Data Analytics

StoneTurn’s data analytics experts collect and assimilate data from disparate sources (e.g., proprietary and counterparty; public and private; legacy and active) and translate questions into action items. Through the application of dynamic modeling, our team analyzes large and complex databases to highlight important summary characteristics, create visual representations and bring focus to key areas of interest. This approach helps companies and their counsel narrow the scope of their search for outlier transactions to accelerate the review process of large amounts of data.

Valuation Advisory & Solvency

Our valuation experts independently appraise businesses and their assets to deliver well-documented, challenge-ready opinions. We assist in the quantification of damages for bankruptcy estimation hearings and prepare solvency analyses based on a thorough evaluation of the subject business, its cash flows, specific assets and capital adequacy, as well as the markets in which they operate. When applicable, we work seamlessly with our data analytics experts, who can assist in identifying, examining and presenting information relevant in the valuation process.