Robert Heller

Robert Heller, a Senior Adviser with StoneTurn, is an expert in forensics and investigations. He works with clients on matters related to computer forensics and investigations, as well as electronic discovery, electronic evidence preservation and analysis. He also serves as a testifying expert in computer forensics.

Robert has been trained in the procedures used by most federal law enforcement and military agencies to preserve, process and evaluate computer evidence. He has more than 16 years of computer hardware and software repair experience and over 14 years of experience in discovery, electronic discovery, data recovery, incident response, data breach and computer forensic and litigation matters.

Robert has served as an expert witness and investigator in complex cases involving electronic data and the disputes which arise from this data in a business and network environment. He has significant experience across the following areas:

  • Preservation and discovery of electronic evidence
  •  Proactive fraud investigations
  • Recovery of data associated with previously deleted files
  • Recovery of data hidden in file slack and other ambient data areas
  • Data-hiding techniques
  • Fraud detection and analysis
  • Expert witness testimony, litigation consulting and support
  • E-mail recovery and examination from both user- and server-based systems
  • Defeating password-protected data
  • Electronic discovery
  • Computer forensic investigations
  • Evidence collection and preservation
  • Incident and data breach response
  • Network administration
  • EnCase versions 1.x though 7.x (computer forensic software)
  • Forensic Tool Kit (FTK – computer forensic software)
  • Cell phone forensic preservation, collection and analysis
  • ESI collection and searching

In addition to his role with StoneTurn, Robert is a Partner with CKC Consulting, LLC. Prior to creating CKC, he was a managing director at Spartan Investigative Group where he was responsible for building Spartan’s Dallas, Texas practice. Before joining Spartan, he was a managing director and office head at Kroll, a global cyber security, e-discovery and forensic technology firm