Forensic Technology

Forensic Technology

Electronically stored information forms the backbone of virtually every company doing business in today’s global marketplace.  The creation, preservation and protection of electronic information are crucial to sustaining corporate integrity and a competitive advantage.  StoneTurn’s Forensic Technology Practice assists lawyers and clients with all of their information technology needs in investigations and disputes by utilizing its state-of-the-art technology laboratories to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Our practitioners consist of certified computer forensic experts and experienced investigators, including former global public accounting firm and strategic relationships with former law enforcement professionals, skilled in collecting and analyzing forensic images, recovering and reorganizing data, conducting in-house and third party investigations and data production.

We work closely with our clients to preserve the chain of custody in anticipation of litigation and to mitigate the risk of evidence loss.  Our professionals have testified as fact witnesses and expert witnesses in both federal and state cases involving digital evidence.


We offer highly technical expertise and solutions for every step of our clients’ investigations including:

Advanced Email Analysis
Analysis and Early Case Assessment
Backup Media Restoration
Cell Phone and PDA Forensics
Data Analytics
Data Processing
Data Theft Investigation
eDiscovery Response and Consulting
Electronic Media Investigation
Email Fabrication
Forensic Data Identification, Collection and Preservation
Incident Response Forensics
Litigation and Trial Services
Password Decryption
System Artifact Analysis