Tali Ploetz headshot

Tali Ploetz, a Senior Adviser with StoneTurn, brings over 30 years as an industry-recognized expert in Governance, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Fraud, and Compliance.

As an experienced finance executive, Tali was part of the executive leadership team responsible for over $40 Billion in assets, at Santander Consumer USA (NYSE: SC), in the auto finance industry. She interacted with Federal Regulators and Board of Directors on a regular basis, managed Board reporting, oversaw, aggregated, monitored and maintained risk awareness and facilitated efforts to resolve control opportunities across all risk types, including operational, compliance, strategic and reputational risks. Tali managed and monitored risk inventory and risk appetite, with heightened focus on top 15 material risks.

Tali recently served as the expert defending the Chief Internal Auditor with Wells Fargo in the highly publicized sales practices misconduct OCC enforcement case, and offered testimony on OCC regulatory expectations and banking industry practices. Tali is also an experienced and award-winning professional speaker. She routinely provides practical training and advice to industry practitioners and state and federal regulators.

Tali has extensive experience designing, implementing, and managing second line of defense financial services functions in compliance with regulatory guidelines and expectations, including the Enterprise Risk Management function for Santander Consumer and a regulatory compliance function for a national online lender. She also was on the forefront of the industry by creating a second line of defense change management function designed to support the risk culture, oversight function governing risk, internal control and change activities.