Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Litigation Support

THROUGH DIVERSE CASE EXPERIENCE AND EXTENSIVE TRAINING, our Intellectual Property professionals have a deep understanding of the intricacies of intellectual property damages quantification in all areas of intellectual property disputes—patent, copyright, trademark, Lanham Act and trade secret matters.  StoneTurn experts have testified in federal and state court on intellectual property matters on numerous occasions spanning diverse industries. We closely monitor case precedents and are current on issues that impact intellectual property legal and damages theories.

StoneTurn’s professionals look beyond the numbers and work cohesively with counsel and clients to develop solid and defensible damages analyses and strategies.  Working closely with counsel and client companies from the onset of an engagement results in greater efficiencies and enables us to integrate a comprehensive damages approach into the overall case strategy.

Within Intellectual Property litigation support, our service offerings include:

  • EXPERT WITNESS SERVICES RELATED TO DAMAGE QUANTIFICATION.  We have been designated as experts across the U.S., as well as in Europe and Asia.  We have addressed the entire range of damage categories including lost profits, reasonable royalties, price erosion, unjust enrichment and consequential impacts.
  • DAMAGE ASSESSMENTS ON A CONSULTING/NON-EXPERT BASIS.  We are retained to assist counsel and client companies in their development or assessment of claims prior to or during litigation to aid in risk assessment and to scope ranges of possible economic damages.
  • DISCOVERY AND DEPOSITION ASSISTANCE.  We provide a different perspective based on our expertise in licensing, accounting and economics on many discovery-related activities.  In particular, we assist in evaluating the opinions of opposing experts and the foundational underpinning of their findings.