Understanding and managing insider risks is not a new discipline. The manifestation of insider-related risks can be disastrous but the fact that these events are caused by people inside an organisation rarely receives enough attention. That may be because we lack clarity about what insiders are and the threats they present.

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Every year, insiders cause long term and sometimes catastrophic damage to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. It’s just that we don’t categorise many of these acts as insider acts. And so, we miss the opportunity to take a more systematic and holistic view of the risks posed by insiders.

Our insights are rooted in decades of experience, but are evolving to meet the challenges of the moment. In our white paper, The Insider Threat: Mitigating Risk Within the DNA of Your Organisation, our experts cover a range of topics to help understand the root causes of insider behavior and how to see around the corner, including:

  • Good Governance: Accountability and Making It Work
  • Insider Risk: The Human Factor
  • Strive to Understand Why Insiders Go Wrong
  • Data Analytics: Tools to Visualize and Mitigate Insider Risks
  • Cybersecurity Controls: One Step Ahead of Insiders
  • Enhancing Controls and Oversight for the Long-Term
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