Extreme crises — such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic — present unique challenges and create conditions in which misconduct can thrive. Businesses are focused on survival, but risk mitigation must not be overlooked, as individuals involved in fraud and organized crime exploit weaknesses exposed by the pandemic.

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On 6 May, Sarah Keeling, a former senior British government official and StoneTurn Partner, led a panel of anti-fraud and crime prevention experts to discuss the impact of the global pandemic on businesses, as well as the risk implications of the virus.

Read a full recap of the discussion including a complete transcript of the Q&A session.

Highlights include:

• GeoPolitical Context of the Pandemic
• On the Frontline of Fraud Prevention
• A Looming Wave of Regulatory Enforcement
• Consequences of the Pandemic
• Responding to the Increased Risk of Fraud Arising from COVID-19


• Sarah Keeling, Partner, StoneTurn


• Alex Rothwell, the National Co-ordinator for Fraud and Economic Crime, City of London Police
• Jeremy Summers, Partner, Osborne Clarke