With damages from cybercrime expected to soar this year, threat actors are continuing to exploit businesses and individuals distracted by the pandemic. The good news is that, even as cybercriminals continually innovate to thwart evolving security protocols, organizations can follow a proven playbook to help prevent and mitigate ransomware attacks.

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In Dark Reading, Luke Tenery outlines three important tactics to help organizations mitigate the risk and minimize the impact of ransomware attacks:

  1. Prepare for Seemingly Improbable Scenarios
  2. Proactively Mobilize a Multidisciplinary Team and Strategic Redundancies
  3. Document Lessons Learned and Provide Post-Event Assurance

Learn how to best prepare for these increasingly inevitable cyber threats.

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Luke Tenery

Luke Tenery brings over 20 years of experience helping leading organizations mitigate complex cybersecurity, data privacy, and digital risks. He applies expertise in cyber investigations, threat intelligence, incident response, and […]

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